Financial Fundamentals

Across the world debt is rising, this is not just a problem local to the U.S. but rather it is a global problem. However just because many other people have the same problem it does not mean you shouldn't do your best to stay out of debt, of if you are in debt to get out of it as soon as possible. The quicker you take control of your financial situation the better.

The first step in getting your finances under control is to review them to find out how much you owe and to who you owe the money. Find out how much you are spending each month and how much you come in. This should include all your regular payments such as rent or mortgage as well as credit cards, loan payments and medical expenses. Get a list of all the people you owe money too and how much in one place and work out a budget for how much you can afford to pay back each month. The final step is to contact your creditors to discuss your situation and re-negotiate your terms so that you can pay them back at an affordable rate. Most creditors will be happy to help find a fair amount for repayments because they would rather you repaid them over a longer time than you failed to pay them back at all. These simple steps to take control of your finances are a great way to help tackle any debt you have.

Keeping you financial information secure

In keeping with the law our company and website use the very best security standards to keep all of your financial information secure and safe. Our severs are kept up-to-date with security checks, virus scans and updates taking place on a daily basis as we are committed to the security of your data. We take every technical precaution possible to make sure that your information will never fall into the hands of any other party.

We recommend you take the following precautions to ensure your own online security:

  1. Avoid sending personal details and sensitive information by email. We have a form on our website which is protected by encryption which will allow you to send us details securely. This can be found within the home page under the "Contact" tab.
  2. Keep your browser updated at all times. It is preferable to use automatic updates to make sure this happens. Browser updates are often to secure them against potential hacks and exploits; by using a browser which is not up-to-date you potentially put yourself at risk.
  3. Maintain a personal firewall and anti-virus program at all times. As with your browser you'll want to keep this up-to-date.
  4. Your password should be as long and complex as possible. You want to use numbers and letters as well as both upper-case and lower-case characters. Do not use any word that can be guessed easily. Additionally you might want to have different passwords for each online account for the higher level of security.
  5. If you receive an email from us that you are suspicious of please contact us to confirm whether the email was from us or not. Additionally we advise you check your credit annually to see if the information is accurate and to protect against identify theft. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

When you provide personal details to us it will be purely for validating your application and your information will not be kept forever. We will not ask you to fax personal details and the security of your data is our highest priority.