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This is me on the left, a typical middle aged guy called Ian. For various reasons, we decided to have a vasectomy in Feb 2001.

Pros: No more children, no more condoms, very convenient, a day trip out to the clinic, a snip at 250.

Cons: No more children, surgery, the possibility of complications, 250 (about $375).

There is a fair amount on the Web describing what happens, but there is very little to show you what actually happens.

For more general information, check out "The Source for Vasectomy Information" at, the site Vasectomy Information, and "Don't Fix It"!.

And there is a page of Vasectomy Links

On to the Operation...
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Joke of moment
A man visits his doctor to enquire about a vasectomy:

"Well," he said, "I was thinking about getting a vasectomy."

"That's a big decision", replied the doctor, "Have you talked it over with your family?"

"Yeah,...and they're in favour 15 to 2."

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